Political Party: Republican.

Abortion: I'm 100% pro-life with no exceptions. I support the Human Life Amendment to the Constitution. It's a baby, not a choice.

Prayer: I support a Constitutional Amendment to bring back prayer in public schools. This is what our Founding Fathers wanted, and it must be restored.

Gun Issues: I strongly support the Second Amendment. I opposed the Brady Bill and the so-called "assault weapons" ban, and support the NRA and Gun Owners of America. Gun-control is people-control. The first thing we must do make sure assault weapons ban never again comes into place. Remember, the Second Amendment isn't about hunting bears.

Gay Rights: I oppose gay acceptance, including special rights, teaching that it's just another normal lifestyle in public schools, gay marriages, and gay adoption. I support the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Affirmative Action: I oppose it. No one should be passed up for a job because they happen to be a white male.

Hate Crimes: I am opposed to all laws that give extra punishment for so-called "hate crimes." The extra punishment is a violation of the First Amendment, adding punishment for speech. Also, what is a crime that involves people of the same races, an act of love? Get real. Every crime is a hate crime.

Capital Punishment: I support all five methods the death penalty (electric chair, lethal injection, gas chamber, hanging, and the firing squad) allowed in the US. It should be used more often, and expanded to rapists.

Immigration: I believe immigration has gotten out of control. We need to stop illegal immigration dead in its tracks by building a wall along the Mexican border, along with landmines and "shoot to kill" orders for Border Patrol agents. The time has also come to end legal immigration as well, or restrict it to Europeans.

Taxes: I support reduced taxes for all incomes, and would like to see the government abolish the IRS. High taxation is a form of slavery.

Automobile Laws: I oppose laws which restrict tinted windows, neon lights, fat tires, noisy mufflers, no front license plate, etc. are so absurd and illegal that no one should follow them. They are OUR cars, and we should be allowed to do whatever WE want to them. We should also follow Montana's lead in eliminating the speed limit on certain highways, and raise it substantially on others. We must also stop the police from cracking down and terrorizing us by doing spot checks, and instead focus on the real criminals.

Alcohol: I support lowering the legal drinking age back down to 18 again. I don't think we need a federal standard for drunk driving either. I think each state should set whatever standard they want, but I think .12 or .10 is about right.

Smoking: While I personally don't smoke, I strongly support smoker's rights. Limiting cigarette advertising or banning "Joe Camel" (whether or not it increases teen smoking is irrelevant, as they all know what danger they may be getting into) is outright un-Constitutional. Forcing restaurants or stores to ban smoking not only big government, but it's illegal and shouldn't be enforced, regardless of what any politician or judge says. It should be completely up to the owner (if he or she wants to limit or ban smoking, that's fine). It's also time to eliminate the cigarette tax, not raise it.

Free Speech: I'm a strong believer in the Freedom Of Speech, even speech I disagree with. I kinda break with conservatives on this issue, since I am opposed to censoring video games, TV., the movies, the internet, movies, etc. in any way, unless they promote or encourage certain illegal activities.

United Nations: The UN was well intentioned at one time, and has done some good over the years, but today it signals the worst form of globalism gone out of control. US soldiers must never fight against their will under UN command as they do now. I also think the time may be right to pull out altogether.

Israel: A terrorist nation itself, our support for this country has cost us countless money and countless lives, not to mention the destruction of the World Trade Center. We must take a neutral stance in the Middle East.

Martin Luther King: I think he was a commie sympathizer, womanizing, alleged bi-sexual fraud who needs to have his holiday repealed and replaced with Ronald Reagan Day. Unseal the  MLK files now!

Campaigns Worked On: Pat Buchanan (1996 Republican Primary), Steve Fiala (1997 New York City Council), and hopefully more to come soon.

Favorite Political Figures: Former President Ronald Reagan, former Sens. Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, Barry Goldwater, and Joe McCarthy, Oliver North, Pat Buchanan, former Reps. Helen Chenoweth, Bob Dornan, Linda Smith, and Gerald Solomon, Charlton Heston, Bo Gritz, Queens District 24 School Board Member Frank Borzellieri, (former?) Colorado State Sen. Charlie Duke, former Louisiana State Sen. Woody Jenkins, Justice Antonin Scalia, Ralph Reed, and many more.