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My first car, a 1985 Camaro (which I bought for $500 in 1997), that never made it out of my driveway! :) A 1998 picture of me and my 1977 Trans Am My old, 1989 black Mustang GT with the sun setting in the background My old, black 'Stang again looking great in front of a driveway My old 1980 Z-28 in a parking lot, which I kinda miss
Me, my sister, and my late Grandmother at my Communion when I was around 8 Aww, how cute, it's me in my PJ's when I was about 9 :) Picture of me when I was 14, wearing a Yankee cap and a Crazy Eddie t-shirt Me sitting in a chair at the tender age of 18 Me (far-right) at 20 years old and my friends Tophie, Billy, and Vinnie standing in front of a house right before we left for the prom
Me (far-right) with friends Brian and Vinnie riding in a limo eagerly awaiting to get to the prom Me (far-right) looking like the 10 that I was back then at the prom with friends John, Dan, Vinnie, and Tophie :) The day after the prom telling the ladies to come get me, and back then boy did they ever want to! :) Me posing in front of the American flag in my karate uniform in 1996, when I received my black belt Me drinking a beer at a New Year's Eve, '97 party
Me trying to look like a cool dude taking off my shades in this Summer '98 pic Another Summer '98 pic of me in a hat holding two nunchucks Me (looking like Rambo) and my 1984 Trans Am on a camping trip in 1998 in Pottersville, NY Me in a suit and tie, having just judged a karate promotion in March, 1999 2000 pic of me sticking my tongue out
2000 pic of me in a Structure hat waving 2000 pic of me with a black ranger hat holding a menacing-looking machete Summer, 2000 pic of me standing next to the car I just sold, a 1989 Mustang GT, in front of IHOP. This is before I added a Ram Air hood and chrome ponies June 8, 2001 pic of my 1987 Grand National, taken in Sandy Hook, NJ. I'm sitting on the hood while a friend is driving July 30, 2001 pic of me in my room wearing a hoody
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July 31, 2001 pic of me drinking a Smirnoff :) August, 2001 pic of Laura (my favorite jailbait) and Diana (my BFF) posing next to the Grand National. The license plate says it all! Front picture of my old 1993 Trans Am, which I just sold Rear picture of the same Trans Am, before I even had the chance to scrape the Metallica sticker off! :) Late 2002 picture of me in my room with  a prize I "won" from Perkins

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The last day at my old job. Taken 12-19-04, it was a huge party, and I will be greatly missed! :) My latest toy, a 1997 Ford Expedition XLT, parked in front of my house If you think it's a Sexpedition now, just wait until the system and the 22's come! :)