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I am White Knight, the former sysop of Knight's Realm, which was a general/political/80's-related BBS (Bulletin Board System) located in Staten Island, NY, from July 18, 1994, until it went down on Tuesday, February 4, 1997. It's been gone for so long now it will never return as a BBS. All is not lost, however, because we now are a web site. Knight's Realm started on Tripod in December, 1996. On June 4, 2003, I added forums and moved to, and stayed there until February 13, 2004. It went back up on April 2, 2004 under the current domain name, and went down in November, 2007 when Avid Hosting shut down. I tried to reacquire the domain again, but it was stuck at Avid and I was unable to get them to comply. However, on January 20th, 2010 I once again acquired, and on February 4, 2010 put the site back up on the web, where it will hopefully stay here (unless I can one day buy the rights to .com or .org, which is currently taken). The message board The forums were also also put back up, but right now I'm not taking it seriously, so it's just a side project. The original 1996 Tripod address will never shut down, however. There will always be a link there this address. In other news, I want to stress that I made some serious mistakes promoting the board on all sorts of radical sites (left and right). I had a dream of having every political view post on my site. I was wrong to court the haters and join extremist sites, even though I was never one of them, I pretended to be so I would not get deleted. To make matters worse, I gave my username to someone I thought was close to me, who kept posting there, leading many to believe it was myself. In reality now, I am a Constitutional Republican, and reject any hatred based on race, religion, or sex. No bigot will ever be associated with me ever again, much less allowed on my forums. I deeply apologize for not banning every single one of them. Anyway, stay tuned and enjoy the site!

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This site is dedicated to my loving mother Alberta, who died on January 23, 1997 of cancer. I miss you dearly Mom, love you always forever, and will never forget the love you have given me. May you rest in peace.

Knight's Realm has been running continuously since way back in December, 1996 (when the web was still good), was last updated on Saturday, February 6, 2010, and has been viewed by about
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It's also under heavy construction. :)

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